Frequently Asked Questions

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For Site Owners:

How much does this really cost?

The net cost for a standard charger and the TEQ Smart Upgrade is under $1,000, as compared to the current market standard of $6,000 - $10,000. The cost of an installation ranges anywhere from $500 to $100,000 if you need a new panel or transformer. With TEQ, no need to upgrade either of these meaning you don't get stuck with a $100,000 bill. 

how long will it take me to break even?

Depending on the usage rate of your chargers and the hourly price you set for your drivers to charge, you can make up the cost of the TEQ system, charging station, and install costs within a year.

is there a limit to the number of stations?

No. Our system is unique in that the potential exists for an infinite number of chargers to be installed and operate at the same time. However, the optimal number of stations per power line will vary depending on the amount of power available and the typical time drivers are parked.

do i have to install the queuing system? what if it don't have enough demand yet?

There is no need to install the queuing system. If you just want to install smart chargers at low cost, we can do that as well. With 90% savings from the current market leaders, why wouldn't you? If you need to expand later to meet demand, it's no problem at all.

For Drivers:

will my car be charged immediately?

It depends. Our patent-pending algorithms ensure that you get your vehicle charged by the time you request. We optimize who gets charged when and will let you know when it will be charged by. 

what if i need to leave earlier than i said?

Not a problem. Simply request the change in the app. We understand that sometimes life just happens, and we don't want to be a roadblock. 

do i have to download the app to charge?

At the moment, yes. There are so many benefits to the app such as finding the real-time status and prices of chargers across your city. However, we understand the concern and we are working on alternatives to an additional app download on your phone that will really improve the driver experience. Stay tuned!