Drivers are top of mind

Choosing to switch to an electric vehicle is no easy decision. We appreciate you and the hundreds of thousands of others who have made the switch, and we want to make sure that your charging experience is just as exhilarating as your driving experience. We have worked, and are continuing to work, relentlessly to make sure that we consistently provide the highest value possible to our favorite people on the road. 

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guaranteed charge

With TEQ Charging's patented queuing algorithms, we ensure that your car will always be charged by the time you request. If for some reason we are unable to complete your request, we notify you before you even leave your car.


No More car switching

You get to plug your car in the minute you arrive, so gone are the days of hoping that the car in front of you moves when they are done charging. We move the power instead of you moving the car. You might not get a full charge as soon as you arrive, but no worries, you'll get it by the time you need it.

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Seamless Interface

If for some reason you need to change your departure time or your charge request, it's no problem. Our intuitive mobile website allows you to manage your entire charging experience from the comfort of your desk, your bed, or anywhere else you'd rather be than a parking lot.