How to charge

Simple and straight-forward


1) Visit the website

The TEQ Charging mobile website is available for all mobile devices. Rather than placing expensive hardware such as touch screens, rfid readers, and keypads at every single charging space, we prefer to capitalize on the fact that everyone has a mobile interface in their pocket. On the website, you can create your account, which includes email, car type, and payment information.

Charging Car.jpeg

2) Find the charger and plug in

When you arrive at a TEQ Charging station, simply pull up and plug in. Locate the TEQ Charging sticker on the station and make note of the 5-digit Charger ID.

3) Request your charge

Using the TEQ mobile website, enter the Charger ID and the length of time desired. Then click submit. That's it! Your charge will be started within the next minute. Check your email for the confirmation and for steps to cancel your charge.

TEQ App.jpg


4) Go About your day

Don't worry about it. We take care of your car and ensure that you get your car charged while you go about your daily life. We will notify you if anything changes, but rest assured you will get your charge.

5) Pick up your car and DRIVE AWAY

We will notify you when your car is fully charged or your requested time has expired, then you can simply unplug your car and drive away. 

leaf drivin.jpeg