Why install EV chargers

Every day there are more and more electric vehicles on the roads. For them, there is no gas station equivalent. EV batteries take too long to charge so drivers have to sit at a station and wait. Charging locations are increasingly being installed where the drivers already park, such as workplaces, apartments, airports, etc. At TEQ Charging, we are in the business of not only making the experience better for drivers, but properties as well.


Meet needs of Customers (AND ATTRACT NEW ONES, TOO)

Not having EV charging can be a major turn off when your tenants/customers are deciding where to bring their business. They all need a way to get from point A to point B, and without a charger, EV drivers can't do that.

increase property value

Electric vehicles are the next big thing, and properties that help enable this advancement are on the cutting edge, resulting in a much greater property value and increased willingness to pay from customers.

reduce carbon footprint

Electric vehicles do not emit harmful carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide into the air. This means that your customers are not releasing these toxic gases into the air either, which is ultimately better for you as a business to reduce your carbon footprint.