Save money and make a profit. 

We provide all the benefits of the traditional 'smart' chargers at one fifth the cost. With TEQ Charging, you can install more chargers and serve more customers without breaking the bank. We also give you access to the live data at your chargers, how they are being used, and more. We are intent on providing as much value to the property as we are to the drivers receiving the charge.

80% Cost Reduction per station

With the TEQ system, we provide smart functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional charging solutions. This includes the ability to process payments, control access, and view data and usage statistics. Our smart software integrates with our inexpensive hardware solution, enabling much less expensive standard chargers with advanced functionality.



Due to our low cost solution, you could break even on your investment in charging infrastructure in a less than a year, rather than multiple years. With our innovative new approach to revenue generation, we assure you are never stuck paying more than what you are receiving from the stations. 


Simple Cloud Connectivity

Our devices can connect to the internet using LTE rather than WiFi, meaning there is no security risk to your organization and there will be no intermittency issues due to limited bandwidth. This also means installation is much simpler as the TEQ system connects to the cloud automatically when given power.